I couldn't anticipate that that would happen.

Why not just tell us?

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I pray that you will have the best of luck.


I haven't been able to get a hold of Greg.

We have to find out what happened to Everett.

I asked you to leave them alone.

Just being in Anton's company is enough to ruin William's reputation.

Thomas could not carry out his task on account of an accident.

That's terrible.

It is our obligation to help.

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I went out to get help.

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The plane flew away in the direction of Hong Kong.

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We're waiting for things to happen.


He's a fan of Klingon opera.

We left on good terms.

Naoto was diagnosed with ADHD.


They went rock climbing.

Let's discuss this over a glass of wine in the hot springs.

I don't have anywhere to sleep tonight.

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Thank you for this revealing lecture!

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Year followed year...

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She watched the gardens grow, and she watched the apples turn red and ripen.


Stopgap measures won't make a dent in drug addiction.

This word is really beautiful.

Ramesh sat on the balcony and read the newspaper.

Yesterday I ran across an old friend of mine at the airport.

I asked him out.

Just leave us alone.

It's nice you found a girlfriend.

He took to sailing as though he'd been born on the water.

This is even worse!

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It's never black and white.


Why did you tell them first?

That chick is fucking hot!

Rome's destiny was to conquer the world.

I simplified my life incredibly.

Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard to give her small dog a bone, she bent over and Rover took over and gave a bone of his own.

Did you win the race?

I need the password.

I might tell you everything.

I need help now.

You have to turn to the history and go a few centuries back to the Renaissance era, to Leonardo da Vinci, in order to find as fascinating a man who not only dilettante, but with a genius working in many different fields.

It's an inside job.

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A software engineer writes computer programs.

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Swipe either left or right to see another animal.


Come on, guys, this shouldn't be that hard.

Duane was not happy.

I'm pretty sure Bart and Maurice have never visited Australia.

It will require substantial time and financial resources.

It's possible that we won't be able to get to Boston in time for the wedding.

Robert isn't a good actor.

He always speaks well of her.

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I appreciate your offer, but I'd like to try to do this on my own.

Vote for your favourite place.

He led a life of vice.

The number of crimes decreased after we established a neighborhood watch.

I saw the boy in brown shoes.


Brian repeatedly told Chris that he owed him a pretty large amount of money.

I used to play badminton, but I do not any more.

Let's go tell the others.

The peasants are planting rice.

Don't shout at me.

What did the businessman say when he invented the zip-fastener?

The confusion is all over.

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She doesn't want to go to school today.

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I'm glad Jennie isn't here.

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This is beautiful.

We've got to find the key.

Mr. White has gone to Canada.

Piet has a fascination with Japanese food.

All the world is a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

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I think she is very brave.

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Dan has nothing to be ashamed of.

She's the head honcho.

The day-old chicks cheeped shrilly as their mother returned to the nest with a beak full of food.

Eat as much as you want.

When do we want it?

I am going to study English this afternoon.

Konrad is the best-looking man I know.

Life is like licking honey off a cactus.

One of these two answers is right.

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I must ask you to leave.


But that's not the only reason for his arrest.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

I know what she can do.


Is that wise?

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We all need to stay together.

The audience reacted in different ways to her performance.

He painted a picture of roses.

I can't condone what you did.

Alan has a broken rib.

Her beauty was blemished by the scar.

Other things being equal, the simplest explanation is the best.

I cannot set a trap here. It's forbidden to hunt.

I talked to Dorian's old girlfriend.

I think they were very brave, considering all they had to go through.

I know you've been studying very hard.

Patrick says he's fine.

Are you going to wait here in the consulate?


Hungary closed its most important train station.

Let's keep it simple.

It's not far from here.

That was just what I was thinking.

The laughter died away.

They slowly approached Space.

They embraced each other.

He is good, not to say exceptional.

Someone stole my wallet on the train.


This is a story about love and friendship.


They ate and they drank.

Don't waste your youth, otherwise you'll regret it later.

Duane didn't think too hard about this one.

Take the oranges out of the fridge.

I'd better report this to her.


Probably he wasn't just playing practical trick on us.

It's been ten years since I last saw her.

Who told you where I live?

A large animal fled from the zoo.

We have lots of catching up to do.

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I need what you have.

I need to help a friend in trouble.

Shatter's upstairs.

This is important.

Tell me why you think that.

Your mother is in critical condition.

The last time I saw Len he was wearing a cowboy hat.


What is the name of the highest mountain in that country?

I'm always up early.

Soohong does everything.


You like arguing with me, don't you?

Do you have safety deposit boxes?

"I'm not hungry anymore." "But you haven't eaten anything!"

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I told you it was a scam.

I don't think Pradeep will be able to do that.

He has an interest in collecting insects.

This picture frame can make the picture rise in value.

Mac has been hospitalized.

Kelly picked up the bottle of shampoo and squirted some in his hand.

I wanted to help him.

She paid him four dollars.

Donal wrote to me yesterday.


This house was the first thing my parents ever bought together.


Elizabeth couldn't kill anyone.

I'm so tired of keeping secrets.

Anne asked if you'd be willing to take care of his dog while he was away.

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I love your hat.

The office is flooded with fan letters for him.

Rabin is being interviewed by Pratap.

We will add new names to our list.

I have Sanford's keys.

He is a wise fool, so to speak.

We tried to persuade him.

I'm Jayant's grandfather.

James organized a neighborhood basketball team.


I talked to Sherri just the other day.

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You shook hands, didn't you?


This electric car is powered by batteries.

I always made my mother proud.

New Year's Day is close at hand.